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The main direction of earnings in our company is to work with "arbitrage situations", since the difference in the ratios of different betting companies allows you to get more impressive profits. In addition, the strategy with LIVE forks reduces the possibility of getting sanctioned by bookmakers and ensures a quick turnaround of invested funds. Our company uses an automatic system that searches for forked situations, so we do not miss a single opportunity to make a profit, which will allow our investors to quickly pay back the money and go on generating stable income. In addition to the forked strategy, we use bets on two shoulders – the so-called "corridor". The essence of this method is to find situations in which both shoulders of bets can bring a win. As a rule, corridors arise when one of the bookmakers does not have time to react to events that dramatically change the chances of winning. These include the appointment of a penalty, injury to the lead player, etc. In such a situation, the slow reaction of the bookmaker allows us to simultaneously put on two different outcomes of the match and in any case receive impressive profits. One of the strongest strategies is Value Bets, which allows you to quickly build up capital and become a stable plus. "Failure" bets often arise due to the workload, carelessness or lack of professionalism of analysts calculating odds for tournament tables. Our task is to search for overvalued rates, that is, rates that do not reflect the real situation. For beginners, the search for such coefficients seems extremely difficult, but the use of special scanners, as well as the use of the analytical skills of our specialists, allows us to quickly recognize value rates and extract the maximum income from them.



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