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HASHSTREM – Remote Miner Management



It’s a great way to make money on computers that are idle in your office. Our software will allow you to remotely manage the miner on all your stations and windows servers in the background without distracting users. We support all types of liners and pools.


Using the application requires no special skills, all processes are automated and the interface is intuitive.

Our product has detailed technical documentation and a huge community where you can communicate with other HASHSTREM users. They will help you set up the software and answer all your questions. There is always a technical support person present in the chat!

NEW! Now you can deploy an offline server on your VDS. In this mode, data is transferred directly from your client modules to the HASHSTREM control panel without passing traffic through our servers.


  • Static IP address (in Ontime mode) – not required
  • Static IP address (in personal point mode) – required


  • display of each station’s hash rate (supported only by xmrig)
  • Sophisticated account theft prevention system HASHSTREM
  • Invisible mode, the client part is executed as a service
  • Restore Client and Miner on PC Reboot
  • Automatic discharge selection ** when installing the miner
  • Possibility to upload miners directly from Githaab
  • Restoring the miner when closing from outside the panel
  • Selection of load on ** in percentage ratio
  • Ability to install any miner (any algorithm, CPUGPU…)
  • Presence of preset miners (Preset miners are taken from open sources and have not been modified. You can insert your miner into the hashstrem panel.
  • Built-in handy wizard for preparing client installation package (It’s possible to edit prepared scripts before compiling manually, if you have the appropriate skills).
  • Auto-Station exchange (If you no longer need a station, you can give it to another HS user, increasing your chances of getting a station in return).
  • Possibility to transfer stations to other HS users
  • Ability to get user stations that for one reason or another no longer use HASHSTREM
  • remote upload
  • upload capability
  • the ability to run files on the remote machine (including those with keys, in the background, on behalf of the system)
  • automatic timer closing of processesPossibility updatereinstall client part of the program from the control panel
  • Possibility to assign comments to stations
  • Schedule of your client modules activity per day, week, month.
  • Possibility to rename executable files of the miner KM
  • Possibility to change the installation directory of the miner KM
  • Full access to the remote device file system
  • Ability blockunblock to access the network to any process
  • Blocking the start of any processes
  • Built-in process controller. Allows you to see the load on ** each process in real time
  • Remote station firewall management (blocking processes, hosts, ports. Disabling enabling resetting firewall settings).
  • Continuous automatic protection of your stations from unwanted processes based on an updated personal database (refresh interval once a day).
  • And many other features

HASHSTREM has free mode
You can use the program for free for an unlimited time with a little online.
There are no fees on your income.

The HASHSTREM functionality allows you to embed yourself in the system and work in secret only to avoid distracting the user of the workstation. This software is designed for business executives who want to minimize downtime and reduce their payback time.
Technically, we cannot know if you own the workstation to which the HASHSTREM client has been installed, but if we receive a lot of complaints from users, we will be forced to respond up to and including blocking the hashstrem account on time.
Use offline mode if you are not sure if your traffic is clean.

We will be glad to hear your wishes on this topic, what features would you like to see in HASHSTREM ?




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