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The BTConline.cloud, the organization’s most important solution, is an ASIC based system that’s dedicated to mining PoW cryptocurrencies. You can earn free bitcoin with btconline.

CoinGeek and SVPool

CoinGeek has its mining pool functioning, you need to ask an invitation to connect. In October 2018, CoinGeek, at a partnership with Bitcoin SV founder Craig Wright, declared the production of SVPool

SVPool started with no charges and a PPLNS speed arrangement. An update in November 2018 included a PPS rate arrangement.


Roger Ver obtained the Bitcoin.com domain in 2014 and flipped into a central hub for many things cryptocurrency, such as cryptocurrency mining.

The mining pool of Bitcoin.com provides both cloud-based in addition to ASIC-based mining selections for BTC or BCH. It utilizes exactly the Bitcoin ABC protocol.

Many little mining pools also functioned in the Bitcoin Cash community.

Over the last week, they moved from the plain sight because the giants fought. When the things sit, you May Need to take a gander at the following choices —

  • ViaBTC
  • Waterhole
  • Okminer
  • F2Pool
  • Northern Bitcoin
  • Hashflare
  • BitClub
  • MyCoin Cloud
  • Genesis Mining




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